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Welcome to our hotel. We hope you enjoy your time with us!

Every day we commit to:

  1. Maintain a proper preventive behavior to ensure compliance with hygiene and safety protocols

  2. Sanitize the room at each departure to ensure the next guest a hygienic and safe environment

  3. Clean and sanitize common areas several times a day

  4. Ensure and enforce safety distance

  5. Sanitize several times a day all surfaces of greatest contact (such as the reception desk, the elevators and the button panels, the handles, the switches, the handrails, the bathrooms of the common areas and the room keys)

  6. Offer hand sanitizer dispenser in all common areas

  7. Constantly aerate all environments

  8. Make disposable gloves and masks available to our guests

  9. Keep the right distance between the tables in the dining room at the restaurant

  10. Being as welcoming as ever




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